Vice City Market
Vice City Market

Vice City Market Link: http://zzg634zozoo4uuwfyhgadmdxwcydgxdbbpoxvoullnhmnlfnegnq5cid.onion

Vice City Market URL: http://zzg634zozoo4uuwfyhgadmdxwcydgxdbbpoxvoullnhmnlfnegnq5cid.onion

Throughout this course, you will learn all you need to know about the Vice City darknet market.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a darknet market that started in May 2020 and is named after the 2002 instalment of the immensely successful video game franchise Grand Theft Auto. A fantastic user experience that looks to have been created from the ground up distinguishes it from some of the cookie-cutter clone markets that are available online.

However, despite the fact that there is little information available about Vice City, the vast majority of user evaluations we could discover were favourable, with connection issues being the most often reported issue.

Vice City now has almost 7,000 entries, with the great majority of them relating to drugs and treatments, according to the site. This makes it one of the most limited markets we’ve looked at, but it did have an increase in consumers during the first half of 2021 and looks to be on the rise in the long term.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of merchants appear to be from the European Union, with a small number of merchants appearing to be from the United States. While some businesses ship worldwide, it is often preferable to acquire items as close to your home as possible.

Vice City looks to have been designed to accept a number of cryptocurrencies when it was first released, but it presently only accepts Bitcoin as a payment method (BTC). This might be an issue for darknet users who do not want their market transactions to be recorded on a blockchain, as described above. The good news is that Vice City enables multisignature transactions. However, privacy currencies such as Monero do not support multisignature transactions. This is fantastic because it demonstrates that the market does not always insist on keeping 100% of the money that its consumers give it.

Unlike other cities, Vice City charges its suppliers only 4-6 percent in fees, and it has a low vendor bond rate of $99. Despite its numerous advantages, it has been unable to attract a diverse range of businesses.

Even while many of the most prominent darknet vendor regulars have set up shop in Vice City, the market’s general range of listings remains extremely restricted and uninteresting for the time being. Vice City, on the other hand, appears to be a dependable and long-term organization, and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our readers.

Before proceeding, you’d like to cover these crucial things first.

Before attempting to make use of a darknet market such as Vice City, you need to be aware of a few requirements. To begin, download and install the Tor browser on your computer. As a result, you may look through the Darknet domains (like Vice City).

Despite the fact that the Tor browser disguises your Internet connection by using a number of IP addresses, your Internet service provider is still aware that you are using the Tor network. For those who are concerned about their privacy, you might consider using a VPN (virtual private network) service to decommission your IP address from Tor.

When it comes to bitcoin transactions, prior knowledge is unquestionably necessary. In the first case, you should be familiar with the principles of Bitcoin transfer from one address to another for the sake of the darknet market.

A blockchain explorer, as well as how to discover Bitcoin addresses, set transaction fees, and utilise them, are all essential skills. It is possible that transferring Bitcoin or other crypto-currency to the incorrect address will be an expensive bug if no remedies are found. It is therefore a good idea to thoroughly grasp the process of transferring a large transaction before making your first attempt.

These are a few important steps to follow to make sure that you have a good track record of accessing the darknet marketplaces, as well as preventing you from pitfalls and failures.

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How to Safely and Securely Use the Dark Web

In order to access the majority of the black web, Tor is necessary. The Tor project, which sends internet data through a network of relays instead of a public network, is an anonymous Internet relay network. The user’s privacy is fully protected during the operation since all communication is encrypted and routed through a worldwide network of relays.

In order to accomplish that, you will first need to download and install the Tor Browser on your computer.

The most convenient method for utilising Tor is to use the Tor Browser. Simply download and install it, and you’ll have it for free. You may use a VPN and your existing private browser’s incognito mode to make it appear as though you are browsing the internet when you’re downloading the Tor Browser.

If you’re using the Tor Browser, you can use it to both surf the public internet and surf the hidden web. Data security is reinforced by sending or receiving data over the Tor Network. Be aware of downloads from suspicious websites or browsers to prevent malicious software from being installed on your computer or mobile device. Download the Tor Browser from the Tor website’s download page alone.

The Tor Project claims that only the following operating systems are compatible with the Tor Browser: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and Linux. Third-party mobile browsers that link to the Tor Network are raising alarm among security experts.

On behalf of all iOS users, you might need to wait for some time. There is no service for iOS users.

Because of these security procedures, the following are some of the most strenuous: Ensure your data is protected by using a virtual private network (VPN).

For this reason, internet service providers and websites may be able to detect Tor usage, as Tor node IP addresses are publicly known. ISPs and websites can not tell who you are or what websites you have visited, but they can tell whether you utilise Tor. The implementation of this may cause concerns and draw unwanted attention to the issue.

Anonymity can be achieved through the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) or Tor Bridges (Tor nodes that are not publicly indexed). For Tor users in the United States, a VPN is a good alternative as it is both faster and more trustworthy.

Using a VPN to access the black web prevents your ISP from seeing that you are using Tor. It is as if you are connected to a VPN server through an encrypted tunnel, and they believe you are connected to the VPN server directly.

Creating your account

Whether you want to be a buyer or vendor on the site, you will need to register an account first on the site.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the official onion link of Vice City. Keep in mind that the onion link to the site can be changed from time to time for safety reasons. You will want to go back to this site back and forth to check on the updated link so that you won’t click the wrong link. As for right now, the link that we provide on this page is the only one that you will want to visit.

Since Vice City is a frequent target of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, logging in requires using a CAPTCHA almost continually. You are taken to the main login screen after completing the CAPTCHA.

Click the “Register” button in the bottom-right corner of the page to begin. All you need to get started is a username, password, and PIN.

You should pick a non-real-world identity and a password that has at least eight characters. While it is still available, this information is kept private (never online or on a cloud-based server). If you are finished, click “Sign up” to finish the process.

When you click on the Back to a Previous Page link, you are sent to the page you were on before, but a green banner has appeared which reads “Successful registration.” Once you have saved your login, click “Continue” to finish the CAPTCHA. This time you’re logged in and you’ve entered your password. Go ahead and log in again using your username. The top page of Vice City always looks the same.

A green banner advises you to configure your 2-FA once you have seen the warning against photovoltaic hijacking sites. It guarantees that only your account is given access. If you go to the ‘Account Settings’ tab, you may enable two-factor authentication (2FA) here. For an enhanced level of security, click the link below “here” to begin setting up your 2-FA. Your account page will put you in touch with the advertiser.

First, you must enter your public PGP key before you can use 2-FA. Pay attention to the 4 tabs, all of which are set to “Wallet.”. Once you have selected “Edit Profile” as your profile option, go to the “PGP” area. Your PGP public key should be pasted into the corresponding text area.

Click “Save” to continue. The new account information connects your PGP key with it.

Choose “Account settings” from the drop-down menu.

To activate two-factor authentication, just click the “Enable 2-FA” button. If you input the proper password into the 2-FA box, you should see a green check mark with the phrase “2-FA is now activated.”

For each log in, you’ll be given a new opportunity to decode a short message from Vice City, so be sure you believe you have the capability to complete the task before logging off.

It might seem exhausting at first to get through the challenges of accessing your account. But it is necessary for safety purposes.

Prepare your multisig transactions.

There are some options to modify how the currency is shown in the results list. If you want to use the local currency, for example, go to the Account Settings page and pick the appropriate option. A Bitcoin multiple signature address (beginning with ‘3’) is also provided. (together with a Bitcoin public key).

Those who want to retain some of their assets on the market can utilise the mix-purchase option, which requires two parties to sign the transaction (the purchaser and the salesperson) in order to move money from their controlled address to the salesperson. To fulfil the third criteria, create a one-of-a-kind Bitcoin multi-signature wallet. This is feasible thanks to an open source software known as Electrum.

This means that consumers’ money may be refunded if they are unsatisfied with their purchase or if the item does not come as promised. The benefit of this strategy is that it necessitates payment. The vendor will not be required to disclose any information about its end with a simple transaction signed by both parties and their repayment address as the payment address. In addition, if the customer is difficult or unresponsive, the market may refuse to reimburse the seller.

If the market slows down throughout the course of a transaction, the buyer and seller may choose to reroute the funds (this would, of course, require some pre-arrangement or coordinated effort to communicate).

Many businesses remain a viable option if you do not trust the market or feel that it will work in your favour. You can save time by selecting scrow over cross-sections, which means you won’t be penalised if vendor payments are late.

Making a deposit

In Vice City, the first payment system is Multisig, which was explained in further depth in the preceding section. The second payment option is Bitcoin, which will be described more below. The second, more conventional approach, known as Escrow, requires the exchange to retain cash until the buyer completes the transaction.

Because each account is allocated a Bitcoin address, there is no reason to put funds into these wallets unless absolutely required, as Vice City plainly recommends. This is due to the fact that each Escrow transaction has its own Bitcoin address with a predefined value, which is financed by the buyer and held in escrow by the market before being delivered to the seller. As a consequence, there is no need for a deposit: bitcoins are simply transmitted from the buyer to an escrow address generated just for the transaction.

Navigating and shopping

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Vice City’s presentation and layout are gorgeous; the market’s main shopping page, on the other hand, is perhaps a little too graphically-heavy, but it is still very simple to discover what you’re looking for.

When the cursor is moved over any of the categories on the left, it will be highlighted, and each sub-category will be displayed.

Despite the fact that there aren’t many ads in each category, Vice City’s search tool does an excellent job of finding specific advertisements. When you move your cursor over the magnifying glass above the category listings on the left-most panel, a drop-down menu with search options such as search term, category, price, ship to, and ship from appears. Relevance, best-selling, price, and listed date are all factors that may be used to sort the results.

This page displays the prices for the items listed in Bitcoin, US Dollars (or your preferred display currency), authorised payment methods (Escrow and/or Multisig), and stock availability. In general, the seller provides extra information at the bottom of each selling page, which includes contact preferences, refund/reship information, and special shipping instructions.

It’s worth noting that the “Listing” tab is set as the default on each listing page. There are two additional tabs available: “Feedback” and “Discussion.” By selecting the “Comments” option, you will be able to access all of the consumer comments for that specific item. Prospective customers who read these articles on a regular basis have a better idea of what they’re getting into, and it’s strongly advised that you do so before making an order – especially if it’s your first time doing so with a certain vendor.

Messages in the “Discussion” section are usually requests for information from the seller about a specific item, and they may only be submitted by users who have had at least one positive response to their prior postings.

Sellers in Vice City come from a limited but rising number of nations, with the great majority originating in the European Union and the United Kingdom. By selecting the vendor’s name from the drop-down menu, you may access the vendor’s Vice City page (found in the “Listing” tab).

Here you may discover specific information about the vendor, such as the day and time they were most recently online, their feedback score, total sales, payment methods accepted, whether or not they are FE-enabled, and the date they joined. It is extremely advised that you thoroughly examine the seller’s website before placing your first order with them.

The kind of delivery address supplied by customers may differ considerably amongst vendors. Some suppliers are picky about the sort of address that consumers offer, while others refuse to send to PO boxes. The refund and reshipment methods also differ greatly among companies.

Making your purchase

No other market has considered (or required) the inclusion of two-factor authentication PGP verification as part of the order placing process. To expose the secret code required to place an order, you must decrypt a message encrypted with your PGP public key. This prevents bots from swamping the market’s order mechanism and ensures you’ve selected the correct item.

After you’ve chosen a product and read the vendor’s terms and conditions, we’ll show you how to place an order. Scroll down the item listing page until you reach “PGP Security Challenge.” With your public PGP key in hand, you should now be able to see a message. This email contains a code for the “PGP challenge.” Enter the encrypted code in the text field, then select the quantity of item units you wish to purchase and click “BUY.” When all of the required information has been input successfully, the screen should look like this:

The purchase screen will next appear, where you may confirm your payment and delivery details. While your delivery address can be submitted unencrypted, you should first use the vendor’s PGP key. Vice City conveniently shows it immediately beneath the text box with the shipment information. Click “Place Order” once you’ve confirmed the payment amount and entered your PIN. The screen should appear as follows:

Finally, the moment has arrived to make a payment! For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll use an Escrow payment. However, multisignature payments operate similarly. You may view both the BTC amount to transfer and the address to which it should be sent.

Your payment transaction is verified on the blockchain in three hours. If your order is not validated within this time frame, you will receive a refund of your BTC (potentially minus a transaction fee). Before completing the transaction, verify the current average Bitcoin network fee. Set a sufficiently high charge to avoid this issue.

Once the network has validated your transaction three times, the seller will begin preparing your items for delivery. The seller will mark the order as delivered. To release money, select the FE (Finalize Early) option and mark the order as “Finalized” in the “Orders” menu. Alternatively, wait until your item arrives to ensure you receive precisely what you ordered.

If your order is late or falls short of your expectations, you may register a complaint and obtain a refund (or partial refund). After hearing from the vendor, the moderator will issue a ruling in favour of one of the parties. Any business transaction may result in a dispute, but it may be prevented by ordering only from the most competent sources (as demonstrated by their ratings and feedback).


Vice City appears to be a well-run darknet market with no obvious flaws. Their listing diversity is minimal, but this will surely increase as the firm grows. They have established a track record of dependability and regularity. Vice City effectively defends against DDOS assaults using captcha checks. While these restrictions, coupled with the 10-minute idle timeouts, are annoying, the market remains accessible and trustworthy.

Vice City’s popularity is expected to grow in the future, provided it avoids the normal darknet market difficulties. We anticipate adding XMR support in the future. Apart from that, they’re worth considering if you exercise caution while interacting with darknet vendors.